Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rupee Depreciation

 What's Fundamentally Wrong

 In simple terms, Rupee depreciation means that the rupee has become less valuable with respect to US dollar and other countries can buy more from Indian markets by spending the same amount of dollars, which in turn means that our exports are more lucrative to foreign countries (since all the business transactions are carried out in US dollars). Increasing current account deficit, volatile domestic equity market, policy inaction, dependence on foreign money are some of the major causes contributing to rupee depreciation. Even though a lot of efforts have been put in by the RBI & Finance Ministry to control it, nothing seems to be working positively. Then what is going fundamentally wrong?

The first reason can be attributed to the Strained liquidity. The central banker's ability to intervene in the currency market remains strictly limited as we are running close to losing foreign currency reserves in terms of import cover. A sizable portion of external debt maturing over the next few months would require to be rolled over domestically, as global risk aversion would make the dollar availability limited and will in turn put pressure on the rupee liquidity. Any move by the RBI to support the rupee would put further pressure on the already strained liquidity. Along with all these factors mentioned above, unless we bring inflation under control and reduce the supply-side constraint, the rupee is expected to depreciate further against the dollar. The second one and at the core of the issue is the burgeoning Current Account Deficit [explained as imports over exports leading to a deficit] that makes India vulnerable to external shocks. And as one looks at the basket of goods imported, economists within the establishment somewhere down the line hold surging gold imports as the villain of the piece apart from oil and coal. For 2012-13 our gold import bill was $55 billion. This import creates huge pressure on the rupee as it converts precious foreign currency into gold. In the process, the government suffers from a double whammy. First gold import causes current account deficits and secondly, it is the cause and consequence of proliferation of unaccounted money within the national economy. Surely it is a gorilla in the room but yet to this date the Indian establishment would offer nothing concrete except to wish it away. And most important of all, How about governance? Thanks to a decade of mis-governance and policy paralysis at the Centre, production of even ordinary items has been stymied within India. That has compelled Indians to import when many  items could be ordinarily produced or manufactured in India. India's overall external debt outstanding as of June-2013 was $390 billion, an increase of 12.9% per cent from last year. Additionally, a sizable portion of India's external debt is believed to be financed by European banks, which were the most active lenders to emerging Asia, much higher than the US or Japanese banks put together. Thus, with the ongoing re-capitalisation needs of European banks, it is likely that these banks will be less forthcoming in refinancing Indian corporate debt.
                Allowing the depreciation of the rupee is as bad as surrendering our country to the force of the dollar, eventually forcing us to towards providing cheap labour and providing demographic dividends to other countries. Unless we control inflation and reduce the supply-side constraints, the rupee is expected to depreciate further against the dollar. We need to look into the source of saving from various small drops of foreign exchange to build required reserves.

Most importantly, we need a majority government with a clear mandate for development.  For  now, India will have hold on till the next elections.


Thursday, 22 August 2013


LIFE- some perceive it as a challenge to win over it, some find it as an opportunity to follow their dreams and aspirations.and many just flow with it blindly, unknowingly how it is going to be ahead in future. But is the right way to go through..... may be yes may be not. LIFE is a journey which needs to be travelled, lived and enjoyed thoroughly to make it worth and this journey is certainly incomplete  without LOVE.

LIFE starts with love and warmth of one’s parents, relatives and guardians. Then , as you grow up, you find love in being with your friends, who then become indispensable part of your life. You share your happiness, sorrows, create moments which remain with you always, for life and brings laughter later on. In short, this new found love takes you to a elicit part of your life. And then, if you can find someone very special, your ‘true love’, you seem to enter into  a whole new LIFE, completely transformed to ‘the LIFE’ from ‘a Life’. This gives a new definition and direction to your life and the change seems to continue......

It would not be wrong to say that life as a journey would be incomplete without ‘love’ and it truly defines life in one form or the other. Hence, it stands correct to say that,  “ LOVE IS LIFE”.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Orientation. It  can be a   process, procedure, idea, layout to mark the beginning of a new start  and to align you along a set procedure. In this case, it was for my MBA programme. With all new faces, entering into the new world,  orientation  was a new thing for many of us, especially the kind of orientation we have it here at SIMS. Coming from diverse backgrounds with different qualifications, skills, experiences, knowledge and stature, it was the orientation which brought all of us to the same platform.

The orientation was evenly planned and well executed. It was  designed and formulated  in such a way that each and every student, understands the nuances of working culture of  corporate world, right from the way you dress up, to the way you address and the business etiquettes essential for  a corporate professional and much more. Starting from day one, the schedule was designed in such a way that, we as beginners get taste of all the activities like running, yoga, meditation, physical training, dance, etc. There was a lot to learn from each and every event and activity,  right from the morning exercise to the assignments till night.
Then having classes from morning till afternoon helped to get into the mode of classroom learning after a long break and helped everyone to know each other in the batch better along with the faculty. In classes, teachers shared their experiences of  the corporate life, which served as a good base to understand the business environment prevalent in the different sectors existing in our country. There was also a lot to learn from the seminars organised in the afternoon session, with eminent speakers and industry people addressing the gathering. It was great to listen to their personal experiences and hard deeds which proved to be great source of inspiration and motivation to keep going well.
Then, there were the batch-meets in every session, so called “ FALL-IN”.It proved to be great source of ‘skills gathering session’.  Right from the analysis of the assignments to the powerpoint presentations, every session had new things to learn from. Opportunities were provided to present your work on stage which helped me overcome my stage fear. Activities like ET quiz required thorough reading of the Economic Times  and other business magazines. This certainly ensured that i get into the habit of reading important business magazines which is very much essential to keep oneself updated on a day-to-day basis.

The most important skill which orientation helped me to learn and incorporate is “TIME MANAGEMENT”. Completing the assignments within the given frame of time with deadlines was both fun and eye-opener. It made me to realise that how in a corporate organisation, one can be tested at different times ‘within short time’. Also getting ready within minutes, managing your meals with loads of work on, taught a great deal of managing time. Working    within time limits, that too with full efficacy is the primary requirement for any professional. Moreover, proper time management helped me to carve out time for other activities like reading, socialising, etc. Thus it   would not be wrong to say that, orientation played a great part in understanding the necessity of proper time management.

Another major learning from the orientation has been “TEAM WORK”. Being together in a group, working in groups and exchanging ideas within group assisted in understanding the coordination and cooperation required for a  perfect execution  of plans and ideas. Working in  trimate and pentamate groups was a great   experience and  helped me to realise the criticalities of team work. I got to learn and experience the importance of effective coordination and knowledge sharing while working in teams.  Team management is the most important aspect of organisational working and having been given an opportunity to                                     experience it at the very beginning of the course, is something to cherish upon.

To sum up, orienatation as a whole was a great life-time experience that helped in gaining discipline, getting more punctual, in learning time management skills and important aspects of working such as team-work. Besides these, it also helped me realise my potential and capability of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. It was a superb learning experience which incorporated both working values and the joy of working to attain your goals, which forms the basis of satisfaction.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


 From ‘A’ Life, To ‘THE’ Life

LIFE,  RACE. COMPETITION. VICTORY. These are among some of those few indispensable words, which remain with us throughout our life either unknowingly or many a time, many of us make sure that these remain associated with us. On a broader prospective, the conglomeration of both the states serve better. While the first state helps a person to have a realization that, in one way or the other,  he/she  is somewhere a part of them too, the other state  would help him/her to progress in a definite effective direction, thus resulting in better efficacy, ensuring success at each and every level, almost everytime.

Everyone in this world strives for excellence. Then, why izz that only some definitely achieve them, the way they want, their way  but many of us never, even after believing, we  gave our best for that to happen. I believe the difference lies in the ‘PATH’ chosen. To reach the pinnacle of one’s ‘Life’s Stage’, the ultimate destination, what many may call, its  necessary that we know and understand the nuances and importance of the Paths that v choose and  the direction they carry. These serve as the links that actually interbridges our beginning(s) to our ends(s).

Thus , in order to reach your “Destination Nexxt”, which stands as an euphemism for your life’s DESIRE, ASPIRATIONS and PASSION, its very essential to get along  the ‘Correct Path’ which can help you, to  lead yourself,  From ‘A’ Life, To ‘THE’ Life.

So, are uu on your correct path toDESTINATIONN NEXXT’………..???????

Sunday, 13 January 2013


What happened in Delhi, in the last month of the last year, was not not only a heinous crime but also a blot on humanity and socialism as a whole…. The brutal gangrape, has once again highlighted the poor and ill mentality of some of the individuals(men), who should be rightly associated with the anti social elements…….
            What  all is goading such people to commit such brutal and utterly evil crimes?? One of the reasons can be that some people in our community are still living under the medieval age, with the same old mentality who still believe that MEN are SUPERIOR to WOMEN and so they have all the right to treat them their way. Second and most important reasons izz the inability of our political, legal and the protection machinery to act accordingly and rightly to curb such crimes and people involved,  for their transgression…..
             Its not that, we don’t have proper laws and policies which are efficient enough for protection and security of women, the root problem lies in their  implementation. Politicians keep boasting that we have done this and that, the true reality being everything is just in the air and nothing at the ground level. Our legal proceedings go on and on, that gets ineffective with time, especially for the victim. Its said that…  “JUSTICE  HURRIED  IS  JUSTICE  BURIED and JUSTICE  DELAYED  IS  JUSTICE  DENIED..” First one has never been the case in our country, for any of the crimes, however justice is always delayed which is equivalent to justice being denied…..
             It was only when people from all the cross-sections of the society came out together in support of the brave victim, to protest against the inhuman act against her and demanded acute harsh punishment for the convicts, the government responded(though they still took their own time )and decided to set up five fast track courts in the capital where hearing against such harsh crimes will be carried on a day to day basis. Thanks to the citizens again for their effort to wake up the sleeping pills…
             But , just only punishing the guilty or  the convicted ones would serve the purpose??? Certainly not. Even today, we don’t have any such acute punishment,  which can create fear in the mind of  any individual against such brutal crimes and of its dire consequences. First of all to limit and to completely eradicate this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY,  we will have to make sure that there is a fear of law. Secondly, and importantly what needs to be done is to make sure that each and every individual respects each and every other individual, no matter, whether girl or a boy, men or a women…
           These people are a shame for  the mankind and  to the humanity as a whole. Such barbarous acts can put the entire society in danger. Thus, it is very essential that our representatives and security and protection machinery, acts quickly accordingly, to make sure that such crimes are not even thought of next time and to restore the lost confidence of our citizens in the system…..

The courage and strength shown by the brave victim to fight for her life and to  keep up her desire to live was and is very commendable. I salute her for her spirit .Now, its our responsibility to make sure that her life gives a meaningful definition to our lives and to the generation to come..may god bless her family to face the situation and may her soul rest in peace…

And to each and every individual, who has ever been involved in such heinous crimes, especially rape, which is more than a crime against humanity, I would say, we just……………….


Thursday, 31 May 2012


One of  the very rare things that we,as common people(so called aam  junta), could very well foretell or predict, especially at present, is the hike in fuel prices . .  even further more…..the facts which goad  me to this very conjuncture ,  are the quixotic and unpragmatic ideas,policies and approach being undertaken and executed by our so called representatives….the govt…

            We as citizens of this country,decide n select  our representatives to run our country by exercising our basic  rights.n that’s the reason why v always tend to belief and respect the people in power..considering the global economic meltdown(recession in the west n European debt crisis), the manner in which the world looked upon  us, as a ray of hope , taking into account our formidable performance across major sectors of economy, was very  gratifying n gave us the moment to cherish, being citizens of this country……but that turned out to be a short and sweet fairy tale. Succumbing to global economic crisis and policy paralysis, we are feeling the heat now….resulting in dwindling GDP growth,each n every quarter by quarter,  and reaching the levels far below the expected ones…..

            Having been failed In framing efficient economic policies and unable to find pragmatic solutions, in order to overcome the financial debt and crisis, the govt does what,  it actually turns back to us….considering the junta as its revenue source, as always, govt raises the direct taxes,service taxes, price of chief commodity fuels, n the list goes onnnn…..and the reasons cited are increase in crude prices in the global markets and losses burgeoning on indin oil companies, because of the subsidies given by the govt…. to further obfuscate the aam junta n to lead us astray…..

            But evn then, v believe in those  facts and figures because somewhere v know , our economists and leaders are more learned n experienced and have considerable financial/business acumen, and whatever will be done, will be for the progress and development of the economy and of the citizens ,as a whole…

                        But then, when u analyse the  outcome…  say for example, even poorer GDP  growth(5.3% In the recent quarter) , hampered  production and manufacturing sectors, n not to forget,the price rise….your faith gets chopped down into innumerable pieces and certainly takes a severe beating  …….

            To say the least……ITT HURTSSSS!!!!!!……

Coming out of the monetary and political paradigms, there comes the social one…..it comprises of ur family, relatives, society n the friends….. its said that…life is a vehicle which is driven with the help of wheels called FAMILY,but the journey is impossible without  the fuel called FRIENDS…. and  rightly so…u come  across many people around urself, and some of them dig a special place in ur heart and life….. u share with them ur thoughts,feelings,whereabouts and on n on n on…….but life doesn’t give uu everything…u come across times and moments when either uu separate from ur dear ones or they do so…bcz of certain reasons ofcourse… …

but when uu think of the time u have had with them or him/her,  the moments u shared ,u lived,..U certainly realize, life may not offer uu that again ….and at that instant …it painzzz… rather, still….

To say the least……ITT HURTSSSS!!!!!!....

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I don’t find 02 feb , as a day, holding or having any specific significance in the history of our country after independence. However , after the SC’s decisive verdict(under justice AK GANGULY) on the 2G SCAM, cancelling all the 122 licenses of 2G SERVICES , allocated during the reign of A.RAJA (the then telecom minister) has definitely imprinted 02 feb(2012) in the history of modern India’s democracy. The apex court’s judgment(including the Vodafone’s tax evasion case), has once again proved that, our legal system is foolproof and not bound or controlled by the people in governance, which makes it  more sustainable, powerful and respectful in eyes of  the whole world…

But, Indian Politics is always ready to bifurcate the issues, in a sense, to obfuscate the entire country. Cancelling of licenses has clear implications that there was a considerate amount of wrongdoing in the handling of 2G allocation process. But, rather than, accepting its own failure or inability, in stymieing such illegal n unaccountable process, Congress came out strongly in its defence,inculpating BJP and it’s so framed “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE” policy for the whole debacle….i find this extremely unpalatable I m sure many  of uu ll too… 

Adding to this, the way all the political parties, contesting in the undergoing elections in the five states, are going, it appears even more obnoxious. To woo voters, all kinds N types of fundas are being applied. Political parties, as before, shall never jettison the morbid logic of vote-bank politics.  To factualise, consider some among many:

--  SP(in UP) n AKALI JANTA DAL(in PUNJAB),have promised to  provide high school and senior secondary school students i-pads n laptops(rather than  promising n making concerted efforts, to ameliorate computer education at school level broadly)….
-- Congress’s using superb tactics to woo muslim voters by offering them a lollypop of 9% subquota (though 4.5% is the decided one) in OBC quota, unmindful of even warnings issued (to law minister SALMAN KHURSHID) for Violating the CODE OF CONDUCT during elections…
--  BJP resorting to its ram-janmabhumi  trump-card even now, without contemplating whether it makes any sense now  or not…
--  BSP has thrown plethora of welfare schemes which seems quixotic n far-fetched.

This clearly highlights that our political system is still engraved with the vote-bank politics, with the politicians, appearing senseless of real issues n challenges, which r jeopardizing our country’s probity and stature, both at national and international level….

            As citizens of this country and to improve the efficacy of our democracy, it’s essential that we have quintessential knowledge of our political system, so as to properly understand the “POLITICS OF POLITICS” , in order to regulate our rights and duties in best possible way.
            JAI HIND…………